Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Turkey cools down tempers over Syria

Turkey grudgingly accepted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's vague reform pledges on Monday, warning however that they are "not enough". Though Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blasted the crackdown by Damascus as "savagery", Ankara's diplomats are ramping down tensions over the crisis. Turkey knows Assad's position is not as threatened as the West suggests, and that it will be left carrying the can should anarchy erupt. Meanwhile, Russia's categorical opposition to any foreign intervention in Syria introduces a major dimension. Read my article in Asia Times on the regional developments.


Sarang said...
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Paresh said...

Sir, why don't you write about the 'goonda-giri' of China in the South China Sea against legitimate concerns of Vietnam and Philippines etc? China is virtually acting as a dictator bullying these countries into accepting that part of the sea as exclusively China's domain. You continuously target the US and western countries for their ham handed approach. I have no problem about that. But I would really appreciate if you would balance your articles by pointing out the wrongs of China as well. Otherwise, it would just prove that you are a near-agent of China's propoganda machine in India, or are so woefully captivated by China's hollow power that you cannot see right from wrong.

Personally, I believe articles from B. Raman are more balanced and in the national interests of India.


Johan said...

To whom a particular blog site is not agreeable common sense should dictate not to keep visiting it.