Friday, June 10, 2011

Peace doves hover over Islamabad

Afghan President Hamid Karzai arrives in Pakistan on Saturday amid a huge wave of expectation that the process of reconciliation with the Taliban is finally on a track that could lead to peace. Most important, Islamabad's longstanding demand for reconciliation now finds almost complete acceptance in the United States establishment. This puts the onus on Pakistan to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table. Read my article in the Asia Times on the broad sweep of of an Afghan peace process that struggles to be take off.


Robert said...

I find your remark intriguing that "the "debriefing" of the key US intelligence operative Raymond Davis through two full months of gruelling interrogation in Lahore has stunned the Pakistani military about the dangerous ramifications of the US's covert operations for Pakistan's security and stability." I think much of the public would be most interested in finding out what it was that the Pakistani's found out. Please elaborate.

kamal said...

Hello Mr.Baradkumar,

Don't you think US wins and Russia loses if TAPI is operational?(Turkmenistan to Gawdar to Europe?)
How can SCO prevent the US from embedding itself with ASIA if there is an India which ios ready to partner the US against China?