Monday, May 9, 2011

Russia, China challenge NATO

Growing unease that North Atlantic Treaty Organization intervention in Libya aims to perpetuate the West's historic dominance in the Middle East fueled the weekend announcement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Moscow and Beijing would act in concert. Both share concern that the United Nations hierarchy may acquiesce to a ground invasion in Libya without a Security Council mandate. Read my article in Asia Times on the weekend's Sino-Russian consultations in Moscow and their significance for international security.

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Aristarch said...

“…what is unfolding could be a geostrategy aimed at the perpetuation of the West's historic dominance of the new Middle East in the post-Cold War era.”

Thank you for this, yet another excellent article in Asia Times! Up until now, I've read a number of discussions in the blogosphere (particularly its Russian segment) on the West's insidious plan to instill ‘controlled chaos’ in the Middle East and perpetuate its hegemony there. But you are the first senior-level diplomat who publicly acknowledged that such a plan, hypothetically speaking, could exist, and as such, is being discussed in the diplomatic circles. Once again, thank you!