Sunday, March 27, 2011

China mocks at 'Nobel Obama' over Libya

People's Daily carried a commentary Friday calling into question US motives in the Libyan operations. The commentary anticipates an endgame that involves western troops on the ground. It questions 'Nobel' Obama's unconvincing explanations "under attack from Republicans, foreign policy pundits and even some of his own party men... mindful of the growing disquiet at home about the US role... [and] a growing chorus of criticism from a number of nations including Turkey, China and India". Commentary approvingly cites Vladimir Putin's criticism of the western intervention but pointedly ignores President Dmirty Medvedev's subsequent moderation or Obama's telephonic commendation of the Kremlin's attitude of 'cooperation'.
So, what is on 'Nobel' Obama's mind? PD says: ""Nobel" Obama weighs much more of the American interests and its geopolitical strategies in the Arab world than what the peace prize really means. Libyan turmoil is publicly propped up not only by the US-led Western diplomatic devices but also military intervention. The purpose is not as simple as the "regime change", which the U.S. denied, but focuses on isolating Iran, taking up the entire Arab market and further, spreading the political chaos to Russia and China in order to counterbalance the emerging strengths. Gaddafi is fighting stubbornly, or putting up a desperate struggle. The coalition forces are intensifying their political and military pressures upon the Arab world, forcing the Arab countries to remain neutral while they are shelling Libya. The Western military intervention finally lays bare their hidden intention of creating a false impression of the "Domino Effect" and "Butterfly Effect" in the concerned region, and also unmasks "Nobel" Obama's ulterior motives."
This is a significant escalation of Chinese criticism. A Xinhua commentary today follows up, giving a detailed account of the worldwide criticism of the western intervention.

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